Services Overview

Setting Standards for
Facility Management

Welcome to Inplex Facility Logistics, a division of Grenville Management Inc. We are your source for outsourced services, responding to the full range of facility, office and document management needs. By taking on both specialized projects and routine responsibilities, Inplex lets you focus on your core businesses.

Our tagline of Ideas, Technology & Solutions reinforces what we're all about in serving your needs. Clients have come to rely on us for the advice, creative management services and exceptional talent we offer in producing superior work. It's all about achieving results for you.

Inplex Facility Logistics is setting new standards for client services, all designed to help you manage functions or departments that are outside of your core businesses and free up the time of your people. We look forward to working with you and establishing a long-term partnership to help you achieve your objectives.

Michael Burke

President & CEO