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G-Link Overview


G-Link is a web-based tool that offers customers the ability to archive, output and distribute communication material. This includes output options such as digital printing, commercial printing, forms management or electronic transfer of data.
G-Link includes:

  • The digital request function is used for submitting the request and/or digital files for copying/duplicating.
  • The request status function is used to select and view or print the request. You can enter a request number to view the report or select a location to see a listing.
  • The billing function is used to view billing information and to optionally produces ASCII text files of the billing information. The reports and files can be customized for each customer.
  • The web site will allow direct access to the FTP site for submission and retrieval of files.
  • All files transferred to G-Link for printing are temporarily archived. This allows the customer to request additional copies without sending the document again.
  • Additional forms can be easily created and customized to the customer's requirements.