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GData Web Digital printing orders may be placed 7/24. Price estimates are calculated based on individual specifications required. The status of orders are available in real time.

MBS A suite of applications for use in Courier and Mailroom Management. Orders may be placed, tracked, traced (with the ability to manage messenger). All inbound/outbound orders are bar coded and traceable through the entire delivery chain.

Fulfillment Fulfillment services ordering system using a modern Web-based interface displaying images of items and real time updated inventory.

OS Staff Site Used by Inplex administrators to setup new clients and permissions.

Dock Management System The DMS application is a tracking and reporting system designed specifically for use in loading dock operations. The application assists in monitoring and tracking visitors and users of loading docks. Detailed reports of dock usage are available through it's reporting module.

Visitor Center The VCS application controls and tracks the flow of all the visitors in a facility. As visitors enter the building, they are registered into the VCS database and a barcode is printed listing which floors access is permitted. The reports module allows for full tracking of all individuals, identifying arrival and checkout times, access cards given, company representing and more.

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